In The Loop

The Official Introduction


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In The Loop

Who are we?


We are In The Loop, a collaborative community of artists and producers. Our circles of content creators use our channels and app to find other music-minded individuals to work together and share samples of their work. We give constructive criticism, critique, and feedback so that we as a group can develop our music skills while also staying "in the loop" with each other's musical careers

The Team:

Johannes Naylor, the business and technical guy

I do the beep boops.

Christopher Estes, makes his computer do cool sounds

Let's put these loops to good use!

Sohail Syed, Big Brother but less dystopian

Is there a dark mode?


(Pictured: Chris, Johannes, Sohail)

Our Backstory

The origins of In The Loop began with Chris. For years, Chris has been producing music on the side, making short beats, and posting them on Instagram for people to hear. This worked for a while until Chris finally had hard drives full of short (~30 seconds long) loops and samples that he'd love to collaborate with someone on to turn into a full song but couldn't figure out how. He didn't want to post them on Instagram or TikTok because of privacy issues, and Soundcloud isn't meant for short samples. Alas, if the thing you want doesn't exist, then build it - and for us that's In The Loop.

Our Vision

With the problem at hand our aspiration is to build a centralized collaborative space for creators to showcase and store their music and short audio creations. We wish to give proper ownership and licensing to the creator and make it easy to share their work without the fear of their work being stolen.

To achieve this, we're developing an app and website where it's simple and easy to discover, store, and share samples.


In The Loop Alpha Prototype

Where we're at

We're building our community on Discord where artists and producers can post samples of their work and collaborate with others. We're keeping everyone engaged with competitions, beta testing of our in-progress app, and also company updates.


While we're using discord for now it isn't perfect. With the features that we have in mind, we're going to need something more custom which is why we're developing the mobile app for both iOS and Android that's currently in beta (if you're interested in being a part of the beta program, join the waitlist here). With the completion of the app, we'll have a lot more control and flexibility for adding new features and experiences ๐Ÿ‘€


How to Stay Connected

To start sharing your loops and samples RIGHT NOW ๐Ÿคฏ, join our discord community here or use this link: